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The White Horse Federation

'Values, culture and character through excellence in standards"

The logo is the badge worn by all schools in the trust but, it is the values and how they are embedded throughout communications and everyday behaviours that makes this brand so successful.

Over the past 4 years I have worked on and project managed many areas of developing the TWHF brand - externally, through awareness marketing, celebration communications, business partnering events, corporate identity, publications. And, internally through newsletters, staff awards and unsung hero celebrations, intranet campaigns and brand events. One of the most successful tools I had the pleasure in supporting to create was the 'Our Little Green Book', developed out of staff voice surveys and company aims. This little book defines the values that underpin the behaviours and ambition for all Trust colleagues.

Gagle Brook Primary School

A school designed to be the first zero carbon primary school and one that embeds one plant principles. With a focus on community partnering.

I was lucky enough to join the project at the planning stage. While the school was being built and fundamental design decisions were being agreed. The colour schemes throughout the school reflect those of the logo. I worked with all stakeholders to ensure the vision for this school was maintained and celebrated. Engaging with the community to define the brand and promote the opening of the school.

This school has a very specific set of values that defines its brand. A very exciting project.

The Croft Primary School

An outstanding primary school, with a team of colleagues that live and breath The Croft values (brand). 

I have had the pleasure of working with the school on a number of projects from prospectus, governance adverts, to festival planning and delivery.

An inspiring team!

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